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Boards Available Now

Here is our current stock.  Tyler shapes every board and is only building 10 to 12 per month.  Total production for the year includes these boards.


9'2" Clear 10oz Volan Sold

777 Model - This wide-bodied watercraft is designed for all-around style and maneuverability.  Inspired by the last longboards of the '60s, the Triple Seven represents the progression towards involvement surfing, making tighter turns and staying closer to the pocket.  Its exceptional glide provides acceleration and trim in all parts of the wave. Because of its width, this model is meant to be ridden 6 inches shorter than your normal longboard. The width also allows the 777 to have thin, chippy rails which combined with its signature aircraft-inspired fin, make the board very lively from the tail.

9'6" Dims

Wide - 24"            

Tail - 17 1/4"        

Nose - 19"        

Thickness 3"        

7'2" Magneato $2300 - Sold

Magneato Model - 23" wide with a blunt nose, can be ridden as a quad or set up with five fins.  This board is currently on display at Jonesea's Custom Wetsuit Factory in Costa Mesa Ca.  Call for appointment to check it out.




Wingnose w/color and box Custom 3/4 Weeks SOLD

The Wingnose is a favorite shape of our team riders.  It's their first choice when it comes to travel.  It rides well in many different conditions and is versatile in 1 to 10 foot waves.  The rocker is flat down rail nose with tail rocker similar to our Noserider.  Outline has a wide point forward of center.

Width 23 1/4"

Nose 17 1/2"

Tail 15 1/4"

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